Utilities & Energy

The Utility Industry is in the midst of a business transformation driven by increasing renewable energy adoption, off-grid energy installations, distributed generation, energy storage and an evolving smart grid. Furthermore, meeting regulatory compliance, a retiring workforce and scarcity of skilled labor will continue to be ongoing challenges that Utilities will have to overcome.

Customers who have strictly been consumers of power in the past, have now transformed into power generation sources as well – a shift that is not only impacting utility earnings but is transforming their role to a distributed system operators. As utilities try to cope with increasing competition (both from incumbents & new entrants), pricing pressure and investor demands – the pace of market dis-aggregation and financial restructuring of utilities is expected to accelerate.

These market inflections are forcing Utilities to increasingly look for innovative products & services that provide end-customers with competitive and efficient energy plans, new insights into energy usage, information on energy sources & data analytics (including behavioral analysis). Utilities view these products & services as an opportunity to improve their customer centricity (providing greater choice and improved decision making capability to end customers) and shape new revenue models.

The core team at POUNDRA, LLC, having worked in the Utilities industry for the past two plus decades, truly understands the problems faced by the Utilities industry.

Solving these problem requires someone with a strong technical and research background, has hands–on deployment expertise and the ability to serve as a trusted advisor enabling Utilities to achieve their business objectives. These requirements are at the very core of what we do at POUNDRA.

POUNDRA provides engineering & consulting services for Utilities & Energy solutions, from ideation to engineering to deployment and support. We have an excellent track record of re-engineering energy solutions for CAPEX and OPEX optimization.

Application Focus
  • Power Distribution
  • Feeder Analysis
  • Protection Engineering
    • Over-Current Protection & Co-ordination
    • Equipment Protection
  • Energy Storage
  • Reliability analysis
  • Test and Measurement (T&M)
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
    • Econometric Modeling
    • Big-Data Analytics
  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Data Historian
  • RIIG
  • Protective Relaying
  • Communications
  • PLC & DCS
  • HMI
  • Strategic Consulting
  • System Integration
    • Sub-Station and Feeder Instrumentation Services
      • Architecture
      • Design
      • Control
      • Commissioning & Support
    • Contract manufacturing – Panel Design & Fabrication
    • Legacy Control Systems Evaluation & Migration
    • Procurement
    • Training

O & M support

Project Management

On-site / Field support

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If you are looking for a system integrator or a strategic consultant in the industry who can not only address your pain-points but can uncover hidden-value that impacts your business objectives, come talk to us.

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