Solar PV Industry

High Electricity Prices, GHG Emissions, Environmental Concern and the Quest for Energy Independence are all driving the need for secure, clean & sustainable source of energy. State & National level policies, aimed at achieving Grid parity, are providing the much needed impetus to make this a reality. Feed-in-tariffs, tax-rebates and Grants tied to Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), coupled with declining price of Solar PV modules – owing to technological advances and supply demand inequities – are further accelerating adoption rates.

Efficiency of Solar installations and ability to achieve the forecasted ROI on both CAPEX and OPEX investments remains to be key concerns from a customer standpoint. Solving this problem requires someone with a strong understanding of Solar-PV technology, has hands-on deployment expertise and the ability to serve as a trusted advisor helping customers achieve their business objectives. These requirements are at the very core of what we do at Poundra, LLC.

The core team at Poundra, LLC has expertise in global installation & commissioning of multiple mW projects and in the development of tracker technology aimed at maximizing harvesting of solar energy. Our operations and maintenance expertise allows us to implement near-real time analysis of your solar installations, deploy predictive analytics capabilities and achieve proactive maintenance of your installations that impacts your bottom-line. We have industry expertise to provide you econometric analysis of your solar investment to enable business decision making.

Application Focus
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Data Acquistion & Analysis
    • Econometric Modeling
    • Big-Data Analytics
  • Off-Grid Systems
  • Weather Stations
  • Data Historian
  • Battery Storage
  • Sustainability Management
  • System Integration Covering Instrumentation & Control Layer
    • Plant Level Instrumentation Services
      • Valves
      • Drivers & Motors
      • Sensors
      • Machine Vision
    • Plant Level Control Services (PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI)
      • Control Systems:
        • Architecture
        • Design
        • Commissioning
        • Instrumentation
  • Contract Manufacturing – Panel Design & Fabrication
  • Control System Design & Programming
  • Legacy Control Systems Evaluation & Migration
  • UL 508A Certification
  • Strategic Consulting
  • COTS Hardware Procurement
  • Training
  • PLC
  • DCS
  • HMI
  • O & M Support
  • Project Management
  • On-site / Field Support
  • Multi-mode Communications
  • Remote Manageability
  • Advanced Fault tolerance
  • Security

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If you are looking for a system integrator or a strategic consultant in the industry who can not only address your pain-points but can uncover hidden-value that impacts your business objectives, come talk to us.

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