PV O&M Made Easy

PV O&M Made Easy

People who say “build it and walk away” are seriously incorrect when it comes to Solar-PV assets.  At a cursory glance, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) cost on Solar-PV installation as portion of the overall system cost structure is relatively low. One can attribute this low operations and maintenance cost to not only fewer moving parts and existing manufacturer warranties but also to the nascent nature of the installation base (the majority of Solar-PV installations being less than 10 years old in North America) and the lack of well-established O&M methods. In effect, O&M has always been an afterthought in the past and that’s about to change in the post Investment Tax Credit (ITC) era!

One of the problems that POUNDRA, LLC has seen across several Solar-PV installation is the lack of adherence to design plan layout. In addition, diagnosis of fault and more specifically the ability to capture the faults/incident in a consistent and cost effective manner is often lacking. This in turn has an impact on the quality of data provided to the reliability analysis tools and quality of decision making on the remediation front. The lack of proper tie-in to Work Flow Management (WFM) solutions further exasperates the problem creating a negative impact on response time.

POUNDRA, LLC has developed a pseudo-serialization mechanism that lets asset owners quickly establish their “as-built” system configuration, In addition, our incident capture tool lets technicians focus their efforts on capturing physical defects rather than mapping the defect to fault models. Furthermore, by correlating the incident capture forms with the PV system BOM we have significantly improved accuracy of incidence capture. Lastly, integration with industry standard Reliability Analysis tools (ReliaSoft™ XFRACAS), creating tie-in to Work Flow Management (WFM) solutions and time study analysis have together shown significant reduction in response time across all tested  Solar-PV sites (50+).

If you are looking for an expert in PV O&M, come talk to POUNDRA, LLC. From being a market influencer, to a solution provider let’s walk you through how we have been able to help our customers address their O &M issues today and our ongoing plans to deliver on an integrated O&M software solution to the market place.

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